Coding Tips for Aspiring AR Developers

Coding Tips for Aspiring AR Developers

  • Jul, 30 2023

Getting Started with Augmented Reality Development

As I sat down to write today, my cheeky cat Whiskers - who seems to have a sixth sense for whenever I am about to start working - immediately settled onto my lap. Meanwhile, my dog Sparky spread out next to me, his tail wagging in anticipation. So, with my team settled and ready, let's dive into this fascinating world together!

Augmented Reality (AR) always intrigued me. It's an amazing blend of the digital and physical world which has some unique capabilities to turn your wildest imaginations into reality. Today I'll be sharing some tips on how to jumpstart your adventure into the AR universe!

Understanding the Magical World of AR

Before starting, it's essential that you understand what AR actually is. Augmented Reality superimposes digital objects into the user's real world. It's like as if Sparky suddenly had a pair of animated butterfly wings; in the AR world that is totally possible!

Beyond the fun aspect of turning Sparky into a charming, albeit slightly confused, butterfly dog, AR holds enormous real-world application potential. From medical visualization, to gaming, to interior design, the use-cases of AR are diverse and continually expanding.

Choosing the Right Tools

Selecting the right tools is crucial in AR development. It's just like deciding what brand of dog food to get for Sparky – there are many options, but some are a better fit than others. So, be patient and take the time to pick the language and platform that you feel most comfortable with.

Platforms such as ARKit and ARCore are popular choices. ARKit supports iOS devices, and ARCore is for android developers. Additionally, there's Unity3D, a powerful cross-platform tool favored for its versatility and powerful features!

Dipping Your Toes in the Coding Waters

Now that we've chosen what to feed Sparky, it's time to dip our toes into the coding waters. Don't freak out just yet. Coding is much less scary than it seems, especially with the right approach and guidance!

Starting with understanding the basic principles of coding is a must, followed by gaining familiarity with some popular programming languages like C# for Unity3D or Swift for ARKit. Just like you'd pace your pet's meals and walk times, pace your coding too by regularly practicing and building simple AR applications.

Embracing Design Principles in AR

Just like the way Whiskers arches his back and struts around with a distinctive air of superiority, every AR design should also have an identifying and influencing feature. So, embrace the design principles, pay attention to user experience, and never underestimate the role of aesthetics in AR development.

Good AR development is seamlessly intuitive, invisibly guiding the user on how to interact with the AR environment. Therefore, remember to make it visually pleasing while ensuring it is functional and user-friendly.

Navigating the AR Learning Curve

It's like when I first brought Sparky home. He was a tiny bundle of fur, and I didn't quite know how to train him. But with patience, consistency, and lots of belly rubs, Sparky soon learned the rules of the house. Similarly, navigating the AR learning curve might seem daunting at first, but with consistent efforts, you'll see progress.

Troubleshooting is a part of the learning process. The knowledge you gain while fixing issues stays with you. Debugging issues can be frustrating, but with ample measures of patience, the sweet taste of success awaits!

Playing around with AR Capabilities

Remember how Whiskers learned to turn the faucet to get water? I won't lie, it was a mess at first, but over time he figured it out the right way. Something similar happens in AR development too.

Try out the various capabilities AR offers such as detecting surfaces, interpreting and interacting with the real world, and creating immersive experiences. Eventually, your explorations will lead you to create something special, unique, and truly captivating!

Keeping Up with AR Trends

This is the equivalent of taking Whiskers for his regular vet check-ups to keep him in the best possible health. Keeping up with AR trends involves staying at the cutting edge and being able to adapt to sudden changes or new capabilities as and when they emerge.

Regularly following AR forums, attending AR-specific events, and following AR industry trailblazers can keep you aware of the evolving trends. Just like a healthy Whiskers is a happy Whiskers, keeping up with AR trends will help you stay relevant and advantageous in this rapidly evolving industry.

Sparky is no longer a bundled-up pooch and Whiskers has perfected his faucet skills. AR development will take you on a similar journey. You'll stumble, fall, get up, learn from your mistakes, and eventually, get it right.

So, here's my tip: Don't be hesitant to try, to dream, and to create. After all, the beauty of AR is bringing dreams to life!"